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App Store


The Cloudron App Store is a repository of apps hosted at The App Store provides app packages that can be installed on a Cloudron. A Cloudron installation periodically polls the App Store for updates.


A Cloudron App Store account ( account) is used to manage your subscription & billing. Before installing apps, you must set up the Cloudron with your App Store Account information. By doing so, the Cloudron will register itself and get an unique Cloudron ID.

You can view this information in the Settings page.

Password reset

The password of the App Store account can be reset here.

Change associated Account

  • Unlink the existing account on your Cloudron. To do so, run the following command on the Cloudron:

    mysql -uroot -ppassword -e "DELETE FROM box.settings WHERE name='cloudron_token';"

  • Navigate to the App store view on the Cloudron and register a new account or login with another existing account.