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Verdaccio App


Verdaccio is a lightweight open source private npm proxy registry.

Custom configuration

You can add custom verdaccio configuration using the File Manager:

  • Add any custom configuration in /app/data/config.yaml.
  • Restart the app

See config.yaml for reference.

Access control

See the Verdaccio docs on how to allow or restrict access to packages.

Publishing packages

To publish a package:

npm login --registry https://<verdaccio domain>
npm publish --registry https://<verdaccio domain>


Verdaccio is a proxying package manager. Packages are checked against npmjs registry before being published. For this reason, publishing packages that already exist on npmjs will result in a EPUBLISHCONFLICT error. See GitHub issue 1203 for a workaround.

Installing packages

To set the custom registry globally:

npm login --registry https://<verdaccio domain>
npm set registry https://<verdaccio domain>

To set it on just the project:

npm login --registry https://<verdaccio domain>
npm install my-package --registry https://<verdaccio domain>