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Greenlight App


Greenlight is a really simple end-user interface for your BigBlueButton server.

Installing BigBlueButton

This app is intended to work alongside a BigBlueButton installation. Greenlight is the frontend which has Cloudron user authentication and the BigBlueButton install is the backend. BBB must be installed on a separate VM following the instructions at

To summarize the installation procedure:

  • Click yourself a dedicated bare metal. Let's say
  • Install ubuntu 16 on it.
  • SSH into it
  • wget -qO- | bash -s -- -w -v xenial-22 -s -e -c <hostname>:<secret>.
  • Install Greenlight on Cloudron
  • Take the output of bbb-conf --secret and put it into /app/data/.env of Greenlight using the File manager.
  • Restart the Greenlight app.

Creating a new user with a role

To create a new User, open a Web terminal and run the following commands:

# Information
# bundle exec rake user:create["name","email","password","role"]

# Creating an admin
bundle exec rake user:create["admin","admin@server.local","changeme","admin"]

# Creating a user - Can be usefull if there is no cloudron user
bundle exec rake user:create["user-noldap","user-noldap@server.local","changeme","user"]

For further documentation about user creation you can visit the official documentation. Greenlight - Creating Accounts

Customizing looks and content of Greenlight

Please visit the official Greenlight Documentaion for information about the customization.

Customizing the Landing Page

The Official Documentation.

You can follow the Official Documentation with the Cloudron File manager.

Just note the path changes:

app/views/main/index.html.erb => /app/data/views/index.html.erv
config/locales/en.yml => /app/data/locales/en.yml