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OpenWebUI App


Open WebUI is an extensible, feature-rich, and user-friendly self-hosted WebUI for various LLM runners, supported LLM runners include Ollama and OpenAI-compatible APIs.

User management

Registration is enabled by default. However, new users have to be approved by administrator before they can start using the app. You can disable new registration altogether in the admin settings.


A local Ollama server is included in the package and is enabled by default. To disable local Ollama and use a remote one edit /app/data/ using the File manager.

export OLLAMA_API_BASE_URL="https://<remote-ollama>/api"

Be sure to restart the app after making any changes.

Model Storage

By default, models are stored at /app/data/ollama-home/models and are part of the app backups. Models can be very large and it's probably unnecessary to backup models.

Backup of models can be skipped by changing the storage directory to a Cloudron volume.

export OLLAMA_MODELS=/media/ollama-vol/models

Be sure to restart the app after making any changes.

Model Library

Ollama supports a list of models available on . Sample sizes and memory requirements of models is available here.