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Publishing to Cloudron App Store


Publishing your app to the Cloudron App Store will help your users install it easily on their server and keep it up-to-date.

Here are the rough steps involved in getting your app published:

  • Before you start packaging, please leave a note in the App Wishlist category of our forum. If a topic for your app does not exist, please create a new one. This will avoid any duplicate work since our community has already packaged apps and maybe you can use those as a starting point. You can also use this to guage interest before packaging.

  • Package your app for Cloudron following the tutorial and cheat sheet. Feel free to ask any questions or help in the App Packaging & Development category of our forum. See the pinned topics in that category for answers to FAQs.

  • Once packaged, please leave a note in your app's App Wishlist topic in our forum. Our community can provide you with early feedback and pre-release testing.

  • At this point, Cloudron team will look into your package and get it ready for publishing. Please note that the Cloudron team will take over the packaging of the app from this point on as we have no mechanism for 3rd party authors to publish and update apps. As part of this process, we add automated tests to ensure the app installs, backs up, restores and updates properly.


We require app packages to have an Open Source license. MIT, GPL, BSD are popular choices but feel free to pick whatever you are comfortable with. Please note that the license only applies to the packaging code and not to your app. Your app can be Open Source or Commercial license.

The package will be maintained in our GitLab at The original package authors will be given commit permissions to the repository (and we greatly appreciate packagers who continue maintaining it!). To aid this process, we recommend that the packaging source code is in a repository of it's own and not part of the app's code repository.