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Jirafeau App


Jirafeau is a "one-click-filesharing": Select your file, upload, share a link. That's it.


The app allows for a multitude of customization by overwriting config values in /app/data/custom.php using the File Manager.

All options can be seen here.

For example settings the page title can be done by adding the following:

$cfg['organisation'] = 'My filedrop';

Restricting Uploads

By default, anyone can upload to the instance. You can add customizations in /app/data/custom.php to protect your instance.

To protect uploads with a password:

$cfg['upload_password'] = array('psw1');         // One password

Alternately, uploads can be restricted by IP address(es):

$cfg['upload_ip'] = array('');

If you set a password, you can set a list of IPs that can upload without password:

$cfg['upload_ip_nopassword'] = array();