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Account settings

A user in the Cloudron has the following fields as part of their profile:

  • username - The username cannot be changed. To change the username, delete the old username and create a new one instead.

  • Display name - This contains the first name and last name of the user.

  • Primary email - This is the email that is provided to apps. Apps may send notifications to the user to this email address. This can be set to an email address hosted on the Cloudron.

  • Password recover email - This is the email to which Cloudron password resets are sent. This should be set to an email address that is not hosted on the Cloudron.


The profile icon or gravatar of a user can be changed by clicking on the profile icon.

Enabling 2FA

2FA can be enabled using the Enable 2FA button from the profile view in the dashboard.

Clicking on the button will display a QR Code which can be scanned using a TOTP app such as Google Authenticator (Android, iOS), FreeOTP authenticator (Android, iOS)

Disabling 2FA

Users can disable 2FA by clicking on the Disable 2FA button. In the event, the user loses their 2FA device, a Cloudron administrator can reset it.

App Passwords

App passwords can be used as a security measure in desktop, email & mobile clients. For example, if you are trying out a new mobile app from an untrusted vendor, you can generate a temporary password that provides access to a specific app.This way your main password does not get compromised (and thus providing access to other apps as well).

Click the 'New Password' button to create a new app password:

You can delete the password from the password list:

API Tokens

Cloudron API tokens can be created from the Profile view by clicking New API Token.


Users can specify the Language setting for the Cloudron dashboard using the language selector: