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The Forum is the best place to ask support questions. The Forum makes reported issues SEO friendly and helps others (and you) find resolutions to existing problems.

Open Forum


For sensitive support questions, please write to Please send emails from your account so that we can associate your request with your subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions, please put in your Cloudron ID as well. You can find the Cloudron ID in the Settings page of the dashboard as well as .

For sales related enquiries, please write to

Remote Support

To enable SSH access to your server for the Cloudron support team, use the Enable SSH support access button in the Support view.

SSH Keys

You can also add the following SSH keys manually. Depending on your setup, the keys below can be added to the following file: /home/cloudron-support/.ssh/authorized_keys.

ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIGWS+930b8QdzbchGljt3KSljH9wRhYvht8srrtQHdzg

You can also run the following command:

cloudron-support --enable-ssh

Keep the key to a single line

SSH key must be added as a single line. Make sure it doesn't break across multiple lines.


If the Cloudron dashboard is unreachable, it can be difficult to diagnose what is wrong. You can SSH into your server and run the following script when contacting the Cloudron team.

This script collects some diagnostic information on the server and enables SSH support when given --enable-ssh

sudo cloudron-support [--enable-ssh]