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MinIO App


Minio is a high performance S3 compatible Object Storage.

Admin credentials

To change admin credentials, use the Web terminal to edit the credentials section in /app/data/data/.minio.sys/config/config.json. Note that MinIO does not save this JSON file with identation/formatting, making it hard to edit it. For this reason, we have written a small script that is part of the package to edit it easily.

To set credentials:

# /app/code/minio-credentials set NEWACCESSKEY NEWSECRETKEY
Credentials updated. Restart minio app for new credentials to take effect.

To get the current credentials (in case you forgot it):

# /app/code/minio-credentials get

Access Key Contraints

Please see the AWS Docs for length and pattern restrictions of the access key and secret key. In short, make sure it matches the [\w+=,.@-]+ regexp and has atleast 8 characters

Cloudron Backup

Cloudron supports backing up to minio. Backing up a Cloudron to a minio installed in another Cloudron will work fine. However, backing up a Cloudron to a minio installed in the very same Cloudron is not supported.

Custom configuration

Custom config variables can be exported in /app/data/ This file is sourced automatically on startup.