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Decrypt Backups


Cloudron supports encryption of backups with a passphrase. In this guide, we will see how to decrypt Cloudron backups on your laptop/PC.


Have your PC/laptop setup with the Cloudron CLI tool. You can do this by sudo npm install -g cloudron.

Then, login using cloudron login

Download backup

This guide assumes you have the backup downloaded locally. If not, see this guide.



If the backup format is tgz, the download will be a single file with the extension .tar.gz.enc.

$ cloudron backup decrypt --password=passphrase backupid.tar.gz.enc > backupid.tar.gz
$ tar zxvf backupid.tar.gz


If the backup format is rsync, the download will just be a directory.

$ mkdir /path/to/unencrypted
$ cloudron backup decrypt-dir --password=passphrase /path/to/encrypted /path/to/unencrypted