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YOURLS is a URL Shortener.

Admin password

If the app is installed without Cloudron user directory integration, the admin password can be changed using the File Manager and editing the file /app/data/user/config.php and set a new plain text password.

YOURLS will automatically encrypt this field if you refresh your browser as explained here.

$yourls_user_passwords = array(
    'admin' => 'supersecret123' /* Password encrypted by YOURLS */

Custom index page

You can edit /app/data/index.html using the File Manager to your liking to customize the home page. You can also add a /app/data/index.php to place a PHP script.

Public Shortner

You can make the URL shortner available to all users. Be aware that a public interface will attract spammers. YOURLS project comes with a public page that be used for this purpose.

  1. Use the Web terminal and set the sample public page as the default page:
    cp /app/code/sample-public-front-page.txt /app/data/index.php
  1. fix the require_once path in /app/data/index.php from dirname(__FILE__).'/includes/load-yourls.php' to /app/code/includes/load-yourls.php. Like so:
    require_once( '/app/code/includes/load-yourls.php' );


YOURLS supports a wide variety of plugins. To install a plugin, use the Web terminal to unpack a plugin into /app/data/user/plugins/. For example,

# cd /app/data/user/plugins
# git clone
# chown -R www-data:www-data YourlsBlacklistDomains

Then, activate the plugin using the Manage Plugins link in the admin dashboard.