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FreeScout App

Mailbox Setup

Mailboxes do not need to be hosted on Cloudron itself. The app acts as a regular email client and thus can be setup for any IMAP mailbox. For sending emails of a specific mailbox, the STMP method has to be selected as php mail() or sendmail wont work on Cloudron.


FreeScout supports a wide variety of modules to extend the app. Most of them can simply be installed through the FreeScout user interface, however some require additional steps to migrate the database before being used.

To ensure all necessary steps are run after a module installation, simply restart the app through the Cloudron dashboard after activating the module.


Export data from old instance

Get a mysql database dump with the following command:

mysqldump -hmyservername -umyusername -pmypassword --single-transaction --routines --triggers databasename > mysqldump.sql

or if the app is already installed on a Cloudron:

mysqldump -h${CLOUDRON_MYSQL_HOST} -u${CLOUDRON_MYSQL_USERNAME} -p${CLOUDRON_MYSQL_PASSWORD} --single-transaction --routines --triggers ${CLOUDRON_MYSQL_USERNAME} > /tmp/mysqldump.sql

Download the resulting mysqldump.sql file to your laptop.

Then, to migrate file attachments, download the whole storage folder from within your FreeScout instance, next to the mysqldump.sql file.

Install a new FreeScout instance

On your Cloudron install a fresh FreeScout instance and after installation, directly put the app into recovery mode in the Repair section of the app configuration page in the Cloudron dashboard. This will make sure the app is not actively running and thus using the database during import.

Import data into new instance

Open a webterminal into the app from the Console view of the app configuration page. Use the terminal's upload button to upload the mysqldump.sql and import it into the database with:


Now upload the storage folder which includes all attachment files. Either using the Cloudron CLI tool:

cloudron push --app <newappdomain/appid> ./storage /app/data/

or zipping the storage folder, uploading it via the webterminal and extracting it to /app/data/storage/.

Finally disable the recovery mode from the Cloudron dashboard again to start the app proper with the new data.