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Gogs App


Gogs is a painless self-hosted Git service.

Customizing Gogs

Gogs supports various customizations. To add customizations, use the File Manager) and edit the file named /app/data/app.ini.

After editing, restart the app for the changes to take effect.

Custom Templates

You can override HTML templates (including templates for emails) by creating a customized version under /app/data/custom/templates/ directory. See Custom Templates for more information.

You can edit the files using the File Manager. After editing, restart the app for changes to take effect.


The gogs CLI can be used as follows:

sudo -u git /home/git/gogs/gogs -c /run/gogs/app.ini

For example, to delete inactive accounts:

sudo -u git /home/git/gogs/gogs admin delete-inactive-users -c /run/gogs/app.ini

To create a backup:

sudo -u git GOGS_CUSTOM=/app/data/custom /home/git/gogs/gogs backup -c /run/gogs/app.ini --target /app/data/backups