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Traccar App


Traccar is an open source GPS tracking system.

Admin Password

If you forgot the admin password, it cannot be reset by email.

From the comment here, you can reset the password to password by updating the database directly.

Open a Web terminal and click the PostgreSQL button on the top bar and click enter. In the prompt, execute

dbb969ebe64f58473ebed981bb1b69d64c=> UPDATE tc_users SET hashedpassword='ef38a22ac8e75f7f3a6212dbfe05273365333ef53e34c14c', salt='000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000' WHERE name='admin';

Custom config

Traccar provides a wide variety of configuration options like:

They can be placed in /app/data/traccar.xml using the File manager.


Registration is disabled by default. This can be enabled in Settings -> Server -> Permissions -> Registration.

Ports for Devices

Traccar can work with a large variety of devices and protocols but often the ports required for this are hardcoded. A full list of devices and ports can be found here. If further ports are required, please let us know in the forum and we will add those.