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Import Redis


In this guide, we will how to import redis database from your current setup into a Cloudron app.

Cloudron uses Redis' RDB persistence format for point-in-time snapshots at specified intervals. To import the RDB, you must first create a dump file in your existing redis installation. You can do this by sending redis the SAVE command.


  • Stop the app using the stop button in Console section. This will stop any dependent redis container as well.

  • Identify, the app's id from the Updates section.

  • Copy over the redis dump file via SCP. Be sure to replace server-ip with your server's IP address and the app id 85a26cdf-3858-4784-b2c1-6ddb9c37e5b9 with your app's id below.
$ scp dump.rdb root@server-ip:/home/yellowtent/platformdata/redis/85a26cdf-3858-4784-b2c1-6ddb9c37e5b9/dump.rdb
dump.rdb                                                                                                  100%   692     4.8KB/s   00:00    
  • Start the app using the start button in Console.


  • Open a Web Terminal by using the Terminal button in the Console section.

  • Click the 'Redis' button on top of the terminal window. This will paste the Redis CLI command required to access redis. Simply, press enter to start using the Redis shell.