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Matomo App


Matomo is Google Analytics alternative that protects your data and your customers' privacy

Installing plugins

Matomo plugins can be installed from the Marketplace view. Only the Matomo super-user can install plugins (Matomo admins cannot install plugins).

Please be aware that there is a bug in Matomo that you cannot install plugins when LDAP authentication is enabled.

To workaround this issue:

  • Deactivate the LDAP plugin. Plugins -> LoginLdap -> Deactivate.

  • Install required plugins

  • Re-enable the LDAP plugin

UI Errors

The matomo UI shows many intermittent error messages on Firefox. We recommend using an alternate browser.

Debugging the tracker

To debug the tracker, add the following to config.ini.php using the file manager:

debug = 1
debug_on_demand = 1

You can then debug the request using the following curl request (be sure to fix up the idsite):

curl -X POST '

System check warning


The LOAD DATA INFILE warning can be ignored. More information is available in matomo forum - here and here. There is no loss of functionality by ignoring the warning.

From Cloudron point of view, the LOAD DATA INFILE feature requires MySQL and Matomo to share the same file system. This is a security risk and not desirable. On Cloudron, apps and database containers are isolated and cannot access each other's file system.