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Loomio App


Loomio is a collaborative decision making tool.

Custom config

Custom configuration can be added by editing /app/data/ using the File manager.

See this file for a list of supported options.

Be sure to restart the app after making any changes.


By default, registration is enabled and new users can create groups. You can adjust this using the following variables in /app/data/

export FEATURES_DISABLE_CREATE_USER=1     # users must be invited
export FEATURES_DISABLE_CREATE_GROUP=1    # users cannot create groups
export FEATURES_DISABLE_PUBLIC_GROUPS=1   # disable /explore
export FEATURES_DISABLE_HELP_LINK=1       # disable the help link
export FEATURES_DISABLE_EMAIL_LOGIN=1     # Disable login via email (usually when you have enabled SSO of some kind)