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Ghost makes it simple to publish content online, grow an audience with email newsletters, and make money from premium memberships.

Structured data

Ghost outputs basic meta tags to allow rich snippets of your content to be recognised by popular social networks. Currently there are 3 supported rich data protocols which are output in {{ghost_head}}:

  • -
  • Open Graph -
  • Twitter cards -

The Cloudron app enables output of structured data by default.


For privacy reasons, Gravatar functionality is disabled by default. You can re-enable this by editing the useGravatar field in /app/data/config.production.json using the File Manager. Be sure to restart the app after editing the config file.


You can import content from another Ghost installation from Settings -> Labs -> Import content.

If the JSON file is large, the import might fail. To fix this:

  • Give the app more memory (say 2GB).
  • Next, use the File Manager to edit /app/data/env to adjust the NodeJS max-old-space-size limit. Set it to 2GB using a line like this export NODE_OPTIONS="--max-old-space-size=2048"
  • Restart Ghost and try the import again.

Subscribe Button

The Subscribe button lets uses subscribe to your blog. If you don't use this feature, you can disable the functionality as follows:

  • Settings -> Membership -> change Subscription access to Nobody. This will remove the floating Subscribe button at the bottom of the page. You can also remove the button from the Portal using Settings -> Membership -> Customize Portal.

  • To remove the Subscribe button on the nav bar, you have to adjust the theme or inject custom CSS as suggested here.


Ghost sends two types of emails:

  • Transactional emails - used for password reset, memeber sign up confirmation, invites etc.
  • Bulk emails - for newsletters. This requires Mailgun.

Transactional emails

By default, Ghost will send mails via Cloudron's mail server. You can setup a relay in Cloudron's Email view to configure how these mails are ultimately sent out.

Ghost sends emails for invitations, password reset with the Mail FROM address set in the Email section of the app. There are two other email addresses used by Ghost when using the Membership feature (Settings -> Email newsletter -> Email addresses):

  • Support email address - defaults to
  • Newsletter email address - defaults to

When trying to change the above addresses, to say, Ghost will send a confirmation mail from to (this behavior is hardcoded).

Out of the box, Cloudron will block this confirmation mail because it does not allow apps to send emails with arbitrary addresses. To change the addresses:

  • In Cloudron dashboard, go to Email -> Select Domain -> Settings -> Enable Masquerading. This will allow Ghost to send emails with Do not turn off this setting later because Ghost will need to send email as the Support email address for subscription confirmation.

  • Create the support and newsletter mailboxes in This is required to receive the confirmation mails.

  • Change the address inside Ghost. Click on the received confirmation links.

Bulk emails

Newsletters are sent out to members using Mailgun. Mailgun is required. You can sign up with Mailgun and setup the API Key at Settings -> Email newsletter.