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Minecraft App


This app sets up a multiplayer minecraft server.

Supported editions

There are 3 different app packages:

Java Edition

Common commands

Please note that you have to run these commands when the user is logged into the app instance from the Cloudron dashboard. The username and password are your Cloudron credentials.

  • Whitelist a client - /whitelist minecraft_username
  • Blacklist a client - /blacklist minecraft_username
  • Become the server operator - /op your_minecraft_username
  • Reload server after chaning config files like - /reload


The RCON port for remote configuration tools is active, if the RCON port is enabled in the app instance configuration.

The default password is changeme1234 so if the instance has RCON port enabled, make sure to set a custom strong password via the File manager in the file:


Forge Edition


Mods can be added by downloading the appropriate .jar files and uploading them to /app/data/mods using the File manager. Be sure to restart the app after uploading a mod. More information on adding mods is available here

The list of compatible mods is available here.