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Confluence App

Completing the installation

To finish the installation, do the following:

  • Select Production Installation
  • Add your license key.
  • Select PostgreSQL as External Database.
  • Choose By connection string.
  • Use the log viewer to get database settings. Look for a section called 'Datatabase Settings` in the logs.

Adminstration check list

  • Disable Backup Confluence Schedule Jobs. The Cloudron backups up confluence already.

  • To enable LDAP, go to Confluence Administration:

    • Users & Security -> User directories
    • Add Directory -> Internal with LDAP authentication
    • Use the log viewer to get LDAP settings.
    • You can make Cloudron users admin once they log in to Confluence and appear in user listing via LDAP
  • To configure mail:

    • Mail Servers -> Add SMTP mail
    • Use the log viewer to get SMTP settings.

Oracle Java

OpenJDK is not supported by Confluence. For this reason, the Cloudron app uses Oracle Java.