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Taiga App

Custom configuration

Taiga customizations are placed in two files:

  • conf.json - This contains UI settings. On the Cloudron app, this file is located at /app/data/conf.json.

  • - This contains backend settings. On the Cloudron app, this file is located at /app/data/

These customizations will persist across updates and restarts.

To edit these files use the Web terminal.

Disabling external registration

When using Cloudron auth, external registration is already disabled. When now using Cloudron auth, edit the following files using Web terminal.

  • PUBLIC_REGISTER_ENABLED = False in /app/data/
  • "publicRegisterEnabled": false in /app/data/conf.json

Importing a project

An existing project's json can be imported into Taiga as follows:

  • Connect to taiga using the Web terminal
  • Upload the project.json using the 'Upload to /tmp' button
  • su cloudron
  • source /app/code/taiga/bin/activate
  • cd /app/code/taiga-back
  • python load_dump /tmp/project.json email@domain.tld


To import projects from Asana:

  • Create an Asana Connect client and secret. The redirect URL must be set to

  • Edit the backend config at /app/data/ to contain the key:

IMPORTERS["asana"] = {
    "active": True, # Enable or disable the importer
    "callback_url": "{}://{}/project/new/import/asana".format(SITES["front"]["scheme"],
    "app_id": "client id from above",
    "app_secret": "client secret from above"
  • Edit /app/data/conf.json:
  "importers": [
  • Restart the app



The slack plugin is installed but not enabled. To enable it, add the following line to /app/data/

INSTALLED_APPS += ["taiga_contrib_slack"]

Enable the frontend of Slack plugin by editing /app/data/conf.json:

    "contribPlugins": [ "/plugins/slack/slack.json" ]

Then, initialize the database by running the following command in the web terminal:

source /app/code/taiga/bin/activate
cd /app/code/taiga-back
python migrate taiga_contrib_slack