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GitHub Pages App


GitHub pages compatible repos can be published using this app.

Publishing pages

To publish your page, push your GitHub Pages repository via HTTP to this app:

    git remote add page https://<>/_git/page
    git push page master

When pushing, git will prompt for Cloudron username and credentials. Any Cloudron user with access to the app can push.

It can be convenient to store the HTTP username and password in the ~/.netrc file:

    machine login fred password bluebonnet

Adjust, fred and bluebonnet above to your setup.

Jekyll plugins

The GitHub pages app does not support custom Jekyll plugins. The app follows the list of plugins supported by GitHub pages. See GitHub pages plugins page for a list of supported plugins.

GitHub pages GEM

The app uses the pages gem to statically build the website. In the event that the gem update does not build the repo (because of version mismatch), the app will continue to serve the last successful build.

Using mkdocs

mkdocs has a command called gh-deploy that can automatically build docs and publish the site to a specific remote and branch.

    git remote add page # add the github-pages app remote
    mkdocs gh-deploy --remote-name page --remote-branch master --force


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