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Docker Registry App


Docker Registry is used for storing and distributing Docker and OCI images using the OCI Distribution Specification.

User Management

Cloudron Directory

When Cloudron user management is enabled, simply use the Cloudron username and password to login.

Without Cloudron Directory

When Cloudron user management is disabled, the registry is setup with no authentication. The main use case for this is to have the registry authenticate with an external provider such as GitLab instead of Cloudron. See the GitLab section below on how to set this up.

GitLab Integration

The following steps can be used to setup GitLab container registry.

  • Create a volume named registry-shared.
  • Attach volume name registry-shared to both GitLab and Docker Registry apps. Be sure to uncheck the Read Only checkbox.
  • Create folders containers and certs on the host filesystem inside the path that is assigned to the registry-shared volume.
  • Run the following commands inside the certs folder:
openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout registry-auth.key -out registry-auth.csr -subj "/CN=gitlab-issuer"
openssl x509 -in registry-auth.csr -out registry-auth.crt -req -signkey registry-auth.key -days 365000
chmod 777 registry-auth.key registry-auth.crt registry-auth.csr
  • Modify the permissions from root to cloudron inside the Docker Registry app for the created folders and files.
chown -R cloudron:cloudron /media/registry-shared/
  • Modify /app/data/config.yml of the Docker Registry app using the File manager by altering or adding the auth part to resemble the following:
    realm: https://<GITLAB_HOST>/jwt/auth
    service: container_registry
    issuer: gitlab-issuer
    rootcertbundle: /media/registry-shared/certs/registry-auth.crt

Change the 'rootdirectory' value inside the same config file to:


Save the file and restart the app.

  • Modify /app/data/gitlab.yml of the GitLab app by adding the following lines (some of them might already be there, so skip them):
  <<: *base

    enabled: true
    port: 443
    api_url: https://<DOCKER_REGISTRY_HOST>
    key: /media/registry-shared/certs/registry-auth.key
    path: /media/registry-shared/containers
    issuer: gitlab-issuer

Save the file and restart the app.

For Gitlab pipelines use the $CI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD and $CI_REGISTRY_USER for authentification with the registry.

Garbage collector

The Garbage Collector is automatically run once a day. You can always trigger an immediate collection using the following command:

/usr/local/bin/gosu cloudron:cloudron /app/code/registry garbage-collect /app/data/config.yml