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LibreTranslate App


Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. Self-hosted, offline capable and easy to setup.


By default the app comes with EN and DE installed. If more languages are wanted, update LT_LANGUAGE_MODELS variable in /app/data/, and restart the app. e.g.

export LT_LANGUAGE_MODELS=en,de,fr

To remove languages, update LT_LANGUAGE_MODELS variable appropriately, remove /app/data/argos-translate folder and restart the app.

User Management

The app has no user management of it's own. By default, anyone (without a token) can make 30 requests per minute. You can change this in /app/data/

Custom config

Custom environment variables can be set in /app/data/ using the File manager.


By default, the API can be used without a key to make 30 requests per minute:

$ curl -d "q=cloudron%20ist%20wunderbar&source=de&target=en" -X POST

To lock the app and enforce use of a key, set LT_REQUIRE_API_KEY_ORIGIN=true in /app/data/

Create Key

Use the ltmanage command to create an API key. On Cloudron, LibreTranslate runs as the cloudron user. Run the following command using a Web Terminal to create an API with a limit of 120 requests per minute:

# su - cloudron -c 'source /app/code/.venv/bin/activate; ltmanage keys --api-keys-db-path /app/data/db/api_keys.db add 120'

The key can be used as follows:

$ curl -d "q=cloudron%20ist%20wunderbar&api_key=f67d5afe-aa14-4d37-90f7-f7d9636b721e&source=de&target=en" -X POST