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Element App


Element is a front end that lets you connect to Matrix home servers. See the Synapse package for installing a home server.

This app is pre-configured to use the matrix installation at For example, if you installed Element at, the application is pre-configured to use

You can change the homeserver location, by using a Web Terminal and editing /app/data/config.json.

Custom configuration

You can add custom Element configuration using the Web terminal:

  • Add any custom configuration in /app/data/config.json.
  • Restart the app

See config.json for reference.

Custom files

Custom files can be located under /app/data/custom. They can then be used in some of the configurations (like background) as follows:

    "branding": {
        "welcomeBackgroundUrl": "/custom/background.png",
        "authHeaderLogoUrl": "/custom/header.png"