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Synapse App


Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication.

Post installation

Step 1: Select Matrix IDs

Just like email, users on matrix has a unique universal id. These ids are of the form

To give users a "memorable id", this app (also known as home server) is pre-setup to use the second level domain for the domain part of the id (also known as the server_name). For example, if you installed the app at, this app package will set the server_name to This will generate user ids of the form

If you require a different server name, use a File Manager to edit /app/data/configs/homeserver.yaml and restart the app.

Step 2: Delegation

Matrix clients and other matrix servers discover the Matrix server for an ID using Well-Known URIs. The Well-Known URI is a document that is served up from the server_name domain (i.e that delegates the handling to another server (i.e

If server_name is an app hosted on Cloudron, you can use Cloudron's Well Known URI support to serve up well-known documents. Go to the Domains view and set the Matrix domain in the Advanced settings:

Be sure to provide both the hostname and port number (443). To verify the delegation setup, try this command from your laptop/PC:

$ curl
{ "m.server": "" }

Step 3. Federation

Federation setup is automatic. Use the Federation Tester to verify that everything is setup properly. Note you must enter the server_name (like in the form field in the website and NOT the location of your home server (despite what the form says).


To make an existing user an admin, open a Web terminal and run the following command:



Synapse offers a variety of customizations. To make changes, use a File Manager to edit /app/data/configs/homeserver.yaml and restart the app.

Home page

The index.html can be customized by editing /app/data/index.html. Note that any assets have to be embedded inline.


MSC1772: Matrix Spaces support can be enabled by editing /app/data/configs/homeserver.yaml using the File Manager and adding the following line:

experimental_features: { spaces_enabled: true }

Be sure to restart the app after making the change.