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Impending rename

CodiMD is being renamed to HedgeDoc. This app package will be renamed accordingly.

Custom configuration

Use the File manager to place custom configuration under /app/data/config.json.

See HedgeDoc docs for configuration options reference.

Image uploads

By default, images are uploaded to the data directory of the app itself. To switch to another provider like MinIO, first configure minio to image uploads. Then, use the following configuration in /app/data/config.json:

    "imageUploadType": "minio",
    "s3bucket": "codimd-images",
    "minio": {
        "accessKey": "MINIO_ACCESS_KEY",
        "secretKey": "MINIO_SECRET_KEY",
        "endPoint": "",
        "secure": true,
        "port": 443

CLI Tool

The CLI tool bin/manage_users can be used to manage users. Open a Web Terminal:

root@8b1237e8-6ae8-4dd8-8bce-22b404c03f9d:/app/code# export CMD_DB_URL="${CLOUDRON_POSTGRESQL_URL}"
root@8b1237e8-6ae8-4dd8-8bce-22b404c03f9d:/app/code# bin/manage_users 
You did not specify either --add or --del or --reset!

Command-line utility to create users for email-signin.

Usage: bin/manage_users [--pass password] (--add | --del) user-email
        --add   Add user with the specified user-email
        --del   Delete user with specified user-email
        --reset Reset user password with specified user-email
        --pass  Use password from cmdline rather than prompting