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ONLYOFFICE has to be integrated with some the document store. On Cloudron there is currently Nextcloud available as a document store application, other 3rdparty solutions are also supported.

Changing default app secret

The default secret for the ONLYOFFICE app package in Cloudron is changeme. Please change that to some unique secret:

  • Open a File Manager into the app

  • Edit the file /app/data/config/production-linux.json

  • Locate the section called secret.

              "secret": {
                "inbox": {
                  "string": "changeme"
                "outbox": {
                  "string": "changeme"
  • Be sure to change the two secrets above to the same unique password.

  • Restart the app

Setup Nextcloud connector

Do not install the Document Server

There are two ONLYOFFICE apps - Community Document Server and ONLYOFFICE. Be sure to install the latter.

To integrate ONLYOFFICE into Nextcloud for office document editing and collaboration, install ONLYOFFICE from the Nextcloud app library and configure the plugin as follows, adjusting the domain and secret: