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Kimai App


Kimai2 supports both free and paid plugins or sometimes called bundles. The marketplace offers a selection of mostly paid plugins, while there are many free ones on github. Plugins can be obtained either through git checkout or downloading and extracting a zip bundle into /app/data/plugins.

The following example installes the demo plugin using the Web terminal into the running app instance:

cd /app/data/plugins
git clone
chown -R www-data.www-data .
cd /app/code
sudo -u www-data bin/console kimai:reload


Use the Web terminal to edit custom configuration under /app/data/local.yaml.

See Kimai customization docs for more information.

Once the local.yaml is updated, restart the app from the Cloudron dashboard.


The local.yaml format is YAML and thus the format has to be valid, otherwise the app would not start up. Especially check the indentation!

If after an update the Kimai instance is not starting, check the logs and revisit the values in the /app/data/local.yaml if they are still supported in the new version.