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Moodle App


Moodle is the world's most popular learning management system. Start creating your online learning site in minutes!


Moodle is a complex application with a complicated upgrade procedure. It supports over 25 different types of plugins each located in a different location in the source code. While we have automated the upgrade, do not use any more plugins than necessary to reduce update issues. On the same note, do not edit the source code of core moodle since it will be overwritten on an update.

File structure

For security reasons , Cloudron deploys apps in a readonly filesystem. This means that the application code is unmodifiable. All application data is stored in a special directory /app/data.

Unfortunately, Moodle is not deployable into a readonly file system since it has way too many plugins and directories that it requires to be writable. As a workaround, we deploy Moodle into a writable directory named /app/data/moodle . The actual Moodle data is stored at /app/data/moodledata. On Cloudron, we rely on app source code being readonly to perform reliable updates. As mentioned earlier, this is not possible with Moodle. Therefore, it is important to note that Moodle source code under /app/data/moodle while editable should not be changed and treated as readonly. All changes will be lost across updates. The only files that can be changed are the various plugin and theme directories.

When performing an update, Cloudron will move the old version to /app/data/moodle-prev-do-not-touch and the latest version will be at /app/data/moodle . As is clear with the directory name, you should not modify anything inside /app/data/moodle-prev-do-not-touch.


To install a theme, extract the new theme under /app/data/moodle/theme using the File manager. Then, complete the installation by going to Site Administration in Moodle.