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The Woodpecker App


Woodpecker is a simple CI engine with great extensibility. It runs your pipelines inside Docker containers.


Woodpecker authenticates against your existing version control system (Github/Gitea/Gogs/GitLab etc). See the upstream docs for the supported providers.

For example, to use Gitea for authentication, create an OAuth2 application inside Gitea and edit /app/data/ like so:

export WOODPECKER_GITEA_URL=https://gitea.cloudron.example
export WOODPECKER_GITEA_CLIENT=1950a7f0-74e1-4003-8d51-6253eb673940
export WOODPECKER_GITEA_SECRET=gto_kgoizrbde5qv242q2waw7hocb5sa5snafqhwoeownflb4lml7dsa

Be sure to restart the app after making any changes.

Only one auth provider

Only one auth provider can be active at a time. For example, if you enabled Gitea, make sure all other values like WOODPECKER_GITLAB are removed or set to false.


Agents are workers that execute the pipelines. Agents must be installed in a separate VM.

Agent binaries are available here. A shared secret token is required to run the agent. This token is automatically generated and located at /app/data/ Please use the File manager to make a note of this value and use it in the WOODPECKER_AGENT_SECRET variable below.

Documentation of agent variables can be found here.

To run the agent using Docker:

docker run --name=woodpecker-agent --restart=always --detach \
    -e WOODPECKER_SERVER="woodpecker.cloudron.example:9000" \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    -e WOODPECKER_BACKEND=docker \
    -e WOODPECKER_AGENT_SECRET="see /app/data/ for the value" \

You can view the agent logs using docker logs -f woodpecker-agent.

# docker logs -f woodpecker-agent
{"level":"debug","time":"2023-04-27T09:06:42Z","message":"loaded docker backend engine"}
{"level":"debug","time":"2023-04-27T09:06:42Z","message":"request next execution"}

Do not install agent on Cloudron VM

Do not install the agent on Cloudron server itself. This is dangerous because the agent has full access to docker and it can (accidentally) delete or corrupt your apps.


To customize, edit /app/data/ using the File manager. Be sure to restart the app after making any changes.

See upstream docs for all the server configuration options.


By default, users from the configured authentication provider can login to Woodpecker. If you want to prevent new users from signing in, you can disable this by setting export WOODPECKER_OPEN=false in /app/data/