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Ackee App


Ackee is a Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy.

Admin Password

The admin password can be changed by editing /app/data/env using the File manager. Be sure to restart the app after making the change.

Adding a domain

  • First, add a domain inside Ackee's Settings page. If your website is, add it like so:

  • Restart Ackee after making the above change.

  • Embed Ackee's tracker.js script in your website. Be sure to replace the ackee URL and the domain ID. You can get the snippet below by clicking on the domain entry in Ackee's setting view as well.

<script async src="" data-ackee-server="" data-ackee-domain-id="217118b9-1843-4462-82ba-2e0acd189b91"></script>

Data collection

By default, Ackee won't track personal information like device and browser info. To enable detailed tracking, pass the data-ackee-opts to the script tag:

<script async src="" data-ackee-server="" data-ackee-domain-id="217118b9-1843-4462-82ba-2e0acd189b91" data-ackee-opts='{ "ignoreLocalhost": true, "detailed": true }'></script>

You should now be able to see detailed stats:

See Ackee's docs for more information.