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Ackee App


Ackee is a Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy.

Admin Password

The admin password can be changed by editing /app/data/env using the File manager. Be sure to restart the app after making the change.

Adding a domain

  • First, add a domain inside Ackee.
  • Add CORS configuration by editing /app/data/env and adding your website in ACKEE_ALLOW_ORIGIN and restart the app.
  • Embed the Ackee tracker.js script in your website.

Data collection

Ackee won't track personal information (device/browser info) by default, but it has the ability to do so in a privacy focused way. See Ackee's docs for more information.

To enable detailed tracking, pass the data-ackee-opts to the script tag:

<script async src="" 
data-ackee-opts='{ "ignoreLocalhost": true, "detailed": true }'></script>