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Transmission App


Transmission is a fast, easy and free BitTorrent client.

Download Path

By default, this app is configured to download files into /app/data/downloads. You can change this path to a volume by editing /app/data/config/settings.json and changing download-dir.

Post Processing Script

There is a sample post processing script in /app/code/transmission/torrentDone.js . This script, at the end of a download, automatically hard-link the downloaded files from /app/data/files/Downloading/ to /app/data/files/Downloaded/. This allows potential post-processing by other apps of the file in Downloaded, without interfering with seeding from the file in Downloading. Also, it seeds torrents up to a ratio of 2, then automatically remove them, and removes the corresponding files from Downloading.

The script can be enabled by changing script-torrent-done-enabled in in custom config.

You can also write your own post processing scripts and set script-torrent-done-filename accordingly. See for more information.

Custom config

Custom configuration can be edited in /app/data/config/settings.json using the File Manager. Be sure to restart the app after making changes.

See transmission docs for a full list of configurable options.