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Dokuwiki App


DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software that doesn't require a database

User management

Cloudron Directory

When Cloudron user management is enabled, only Cloudron users can login to the wiki and edit pages.

To make a Cloudron user an admin, use the File Manager and edit /app/data/conf/local.php:


$conf['superuser'] = "userid1,userid2";

To make users of the Cloudron wikiadmins as wiki admins edit /app/data/conf/local.php and add:


$conf['plugin']['authldap']['mapping']['grps']  = array('memberof' => '/CN=(.+?),/i');
$conf['superuser'] = '@wikiadmins';

By default, the pages are readable by all. The wiki can be made readable only for logged in users by changing the ACL Rules for the @ALL group in dokuwiki's Access Control List Management admin page.

See upstream docs for more configuration options.

Without Cloudron SSO

When not using Cloudron authentication, first register a new user.

To make the new user an admin, use the File Manager and edit /app/data/conf/local.php:


$conf['superuser'] = "userid1,userid2";

Disabling registration

To disable registration, Admin -> Configuration Manager -> Disable DokuWiki actions and check Register.


At a high level, Dokuwiki applies configuration as follows:

  • conf/foo.conf – default value that comes with Dokuwiki. Do not make changes to these files, they will be lost across updates.
  • conf/foo.protected.conf – settings applied by the Cloudron package. Do not make changes to these files, they will be lost across updates.
  • conf/foo.local.conf – changed by plugin manager or Cloudron user. Changes can be freely made to these files and they will be retained across updates.


Plugins can be installed using the Extension Manager.

Some suggested plugins:

  • Blockquote – Easily add blockquoted text
  • Blog – displays your posts in a familiar blog format
  • Todo – add todo’s to wiki pages and assign to users if desired
  • Dokubookmark – archive web pages with a simple bookmarklet to your wiki
  • DW2PDF – Export wiki pages as PDFs
  • EditTable – Visually edit and add tables
  • Gallery – Embed image galleries in pages
  • Move – move pages and namespaces while preserving all links
  • Note – Insert notes that stand out from the rest of your text. Useful for documentation.
  • NSPages – Automatically generate a custom list of pages in your wiki or namespace
  • TemplatePageName – Changes the default template names so they can be edited from within the wiki.
  • Struct – Index, display, and query structured data in your wiki pages (requires SQLite)
  • Tag – add tagging functions
  • VShare – Embed videos
  • Wrap – probably the most useful formatting plugin – easily add columns, notes, divs, etc.
  • Yearbox – Auto generate a table with links for a journal or diary, very customizable.

Some plugins require a higher memory limit to successfully install. For this, increase the memory limit via the Cloudron dashboard and then add the following line to php.ini using the File manager and restart the app:

memory_limit = 512M


Themes (templates) can be installed using the Extension Manager. Note that the theme has to be activated after installation. This can be done using the Configuration Manager's template drop down setting.


To debug LDAP, set the following

$conf['plugin']['authldap']['debug']      = 0;