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Phabricator App


Please note this app is not available anymore since upstream development has stopped.


Phabricator is a set of tools that help companies build better software, faster.


A registered user can be made an administrator by running the following command in the Web Terminal:

# /app/code/phabricator/bin/user empower --user <username>

See the phabricator docs for more information.

Admin recovery

When not using Cloudron authentication, If you accidentally log yourself out before adding an Auth provider, you must use the CLI tool to recover it (or simply re-install phabricator). See T8282 for more information.

# /app/code/phabricator/bin/auth recover <admin-username>

Uploading large files

This app is configured to accept files upto 512MB. Note that large files need to be dragged and dropped (instead of the file upload button).

See Q216