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Radicale App

Migration to version 2.0

The migration process requires you to have both the legacy and the 2.0 app installed at the same time. The data can be exported and migrated with the following steps:

  1. Restart the legacy app. This will automatically export all data on startup.

  2. Download /tmp/export from the legacy app, using the webterminal, to you computer as export.tar.gz.

  3. Upload this file to the new 2.0 app.

  4. Run the following command on the 2.0 app:

    tar -xzf /tmp/export.tar.gz -C /app/data

After those steps, apps contain the same data. After verifying this, you can delete the legacy app and change the location of the 2.0 app.

The permissions file layout and rules have changed

Please read the section below to manually adjust those if you have edited them. They will not be migrated!

Custom permissions (e.g. shared calendar)

Per default, each user can only access their own calendar and contacts. If you want something more complicated you can change the permissions.

You can change the permissions editing /app/data/rights in the app instance. The default content of that file is:

user = .+
collection = %(login)s(/.*)?
permission = rw

user = .*
collection =
permission = r

You can extend the file using the syntax described in the radicale documentation.