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Import MongoDB


In this guide, we will see how to export a MongoDB database from your current setup and import it into the MongoDB database of a Cloudron app.


The first step is to create a dump in your existing MongoDB database setup:

$ mongodump -h host:port -u mongouser -p mongopassword --db databasename --out /tmp
$ tar -C /tmp -zcvf /tmp/mongodump.tar.gz databasename

If the MongoDB server is on Cloudron, you can export it using this command line on the Web Terminal:


# tar -C /tmp -zcvf /tmp/mongodump.tar.gz ${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_DATABASE}


  • After install, enable 'Recovery Mode'in the Repair section. This will ensure that the app is paused and not actively using the database while you are importing.

  • Open a Web Terminal by using the Terminal button in the Console section.

  • In the terminal, upload the dump file using the Upload to /tmp button.

  • Extract the dump:
root@e6bb147e-9f9c-4d17-a9af-65d9fbb0dd72:/tmp# tar -zxvf mongodump.tar.gz
  • Clear the existing database:
# mongosh -u "${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_USERNAME}" -p "${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_PASSWORD}" ${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_HOST}:${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_PORT}/${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_DATABASE} --eval 'db.getCollectionNames().forEach(function (col) { db.getCollection(col).deleteMany({}) })'
  • In the terminal, import the dump using the mongorestore command.
# mongorestore -u "${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_USERNAME}" -p "${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_PASSWORD}" -h ${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_HOST}:${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_PORT} --db ${CLOUDRON_MONGODB_DATABASE} --dir=/tmp/e6bb147e-9f9c-4d17-a9af-65d9fbb0dd72/
  • To start the app again, click the Disable Recovery Mode in Repair section:


Click the MongoDB button on top of the terminal to paste the command line required to access the MongoDB database. You can now press enter/return to get the MongoDB shell.