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Kutt App


Kutt is a free Modern URL Shortener.

Custom config

Custom configuration can be put in /app/data/env using the Web Terminal or the File Manager. The env file contains various customization options with documentation on them. After changing the file, make sure to restart the app.


Registration is enabled by default. After you initial registration, you may want to disable the open registration. Otherwise random people can sign up and just use the shortener with your domain.

This can be disabled by editing /app/data/env and changing DISALLOW_REGISTRATION=true. Be sure to restart the app after making changes.


After restarting the app, please verify that the login page does not show the Sign up button:


To make a user an admin, edit /app/data/env and add the email address to ADMIN_EMAILS, REPORT_EMAIL and CONTACT_EMAIL. For example,

Note that there is no separate admin section. When a user is admin, they can view all the links in the table in the front page. Look for the 'All links' checkbox.

3rd party packages

Kutt integrates with a variety of languages and frameworks. See upstream docs for more information

Custom domains

Kutt supports having more than one domain. You can add domains in the custom domain section. Note Set domain below is a bit misleading because it's really Add domain.

Ignore instruction to add A record

You can ignore the instruction above to add an A record to the server's IP address. Cloudron will add this record when you create the aliases below.

Then, in the Cloudron Dashboard add the custom domains as domain aliases in the Location view:

By default, Kutt only stores detailed stats for up to 5000 visits per link. To increase this change the following value in /app/data/env using the File manager and restart the app:

# Max number of visits for each link to have detailed stats